Super Heat Shield™

Rosco's Super Heat Shield Filter deflects heat from the color filter, minimizing the effects of high temperatures. Properly used, it increases the life of color filters in very hot fixtures without reducing light transmission.

Super Heat Shield deflects convected heat due to an extremely heat stable polymer base and properties inherent in its resin. Super Heat Shield is generally used to protect color filters in long range applications, especially when using dark colors such as blues and greens.

Super Heat Shield should be positioned between the lens and the color filter, allowing space on each side of the filter for the escape of heated air. Extenders which allow at least 1/2" of air space on each side of the Super Heat Shield will permit adequate venting and insure the longevity of the Super Heat Shield filter.

Product Numbers

101 01991 2024

Super Heat Shield Sheets: 20" x 24" (50.8 cm x 61 cm)

101 01991 2450

Super Heat Shield Rolls: 24" x 50' (61 cm x 15 m)

101 01991 4825

Super Heat Shield Rolls: 48" x 25' (122 cm x 7.6 m)

Heat Shield Comparison Video

R1991 Super Heat Shield - Data Sheet