Rosco’s original range of plastic color filters

Roscolene offers a wide range of saturated colors that are useful in lighting situations where cooler incandescent lights are used.

Thanks to its PVC plastic base material, these filters can be ultrasonically welded together and are widely used by graphic artists, packaging professionals and others in the display industry.

A specific range of Roscolene colors is also specified by the Dinshah Health Society for use in the practice of color healing.

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Base: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Gauge: 6.0 mil (.006" or 150 micron) nominal

Max Width: 24in (60cm)

Roscolene Dinshah Filters: 809, 810, 818, 828, 832, 859, 861, 866, 871

Product Numbers

104 008XX 2024

Roscolene 20"x24" Sheets (50cm x 60cm)

100 908XX 2450

Roscolene 24" X 50' Rolls (60cm x 15.24m)

XX = Color Number

Color Filters IEC Compliance

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