Powered By Rosco’s Patented MIX® Technology

DMG DASH is the smallest member of Rosco’s MIX® Family of LED lights. Its compact design provides filmmakers with high quality light output and precise color control from a durable, handheld light fixture. This versatile LED light features powerful output from its durable and weatherproof 5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″ (12.8cm x 8cm x 2.8cm) aluminum alloy housing. The DMG DASH has the same six-chip MIX LED technology that’s inside all of Rosco’s MIX LED lights to provide a broad color spectrum and superior color mixing. DMG DASH can also create white light with high CRI and TLCI values (1700K – 10,000K), and over 130 True Rosco Color gel matches.

Each DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit ships with a complete set of mounting and magnetized beam-shaping accessories - all inside a durable carrying case.

Also available in a four-unit DMG DASH Quad Kit.

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DMG DASH features Rosco’s patented, six-chip MIX® Technology – enabling it to produce the same color-quality and True Rosco Color gel matches that other MIX lights do!


Each DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit ships with a set of magnetic beam-shaping accessories, including a flat diffuser panel, dome diffuser, eggcrate, and a gel holder for adding any Rosco gel or diffusion material desired. The kit also includes a light stand mount, a powerful magnetic mount, and a USB-C charging cable.


DMG DASH is controlled by its onboard user interface, or via the free myMIX® app. A wireless DMX model featuring LumenRadio for control via W-DMX & CRMX is also available.


Don’t let its small size fool you, the battery-operated DMG DASH can produce up to 500 lumens of output – all from a fixture that fits in the palm of your hand.


The DMG DASH Quad Kit includes a DMG DASH LINK4 accessory that connects the four lights together. This enables the user to deploy the four DMG DASH units independently or link them together and control them as a group via the myMIX app to create a single, larger light source.


It takes a thrashin’ and keeps on DASHIN’. DMG DASH is constructed from a lightweight aluminum alloy to provide a shock-resistant and IP65 weatherproof housing.

In order to control DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit, you must use the myMIX app, which is available for iOS® and Android devices.

Download the myMIX App
Download The myMIX App For iOS
Download The myMIX App For Android

Lux @ 1m (3.3 ft.):

250 Lux @ 6500K

Lux @ 1m (3.3 ft.) – Boost Mode:

320 Lux @ 6500K

Maximum Power:


Battery Runtime:

Three Hours at 100% Intensity (Less In Boost Mode)

LED Colors:

Red, Green, Blue, Lime, Amber, White (4000K)

Light Modes:

WHITE / GEL (with True Rosco Color Gel Matches) / COLOR – HSI & XY (With Rec 709 & Rec 2020 overlays) / EFFECTS / SOURCE MATCH

Color Temperature:

1700K – 10,000K

Color Rendering:

CRI Average: >95 TLCI Average: >90


Up To 1,000 FPS

On-Board Control:

Local UI: 1.3″ OLED Graphical Display – 128px x 64px

Wireless Control:

Wireless Control: Bluetooth BLE via the myMIX® Mobile App - Available for iOS / Android
Wireless DMX (CRMX model only): LumenRadio with CRMX and W-DMX control, plus RDM


5″ x 3.1″ x 1.1″ (12.8cm x 8cm x 2.8cm)


12.8 oz (367g)

Body Material:

Aluminum Alloy

Outdoor Rating:

Weather-Resistant – IP65

Charging Connector:

USB Type-C

Product Numbers

29822500K001 DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit
29822500K003 DMG DASH Pocket LED Kit W/ CRMX

DMG DASH Data Sheet

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